Cheers! the Beauty, You Already Are!

Tiger Tigmonk SingletonTigmonk is the pen-name of Tiger Singleton, who is a 34 year old Internal Wellness Coach, Author, Speaker, Poet, and the Founder of The School of Blooming; the primary intention of which, is to engage Youth & Adults in a way that empowers them to see their inherent worth, beauty, and conscious ability to create a joyful life.  Currently with The School of Blooming, among other things, he teachings an elective class at the Butte Falls High School called, "Self Love & Conscious Life Skills." (committed for the 2015/16 school year).

Tiger is regarded by many as "A Modern Day Mystic," which is to playfully describe him as someone who has a sincere line of communication or connection with the source of life.  His greatest joy is in sharing meaningful Insight & Wisdom with groups of Sincere Individuals who seek a Sacred Truth or Liberation from suffering. His Teaching/Sharing/Offering goes beyond mere intellect and reaches deep into the Heart of Being.

His gift, is to communicate the depth of being human in a way that is simple and accessible; both intellectually and energetically.  For Tiger, this isn't a 'special' gift.  Rather, it is an expression of life that simply flows without effort.  "I did nothing to earn this gift, it is not mine; it is a gift for all. In my experience with it, I simply find a tremendous amount of Joy when I allow it to flow."

Internal Wellness is a deep recognition of one's True Nature.  It is to see beyond the surface level of ever-changing conditions and circumstances while being touched by a Truth that transcends any sense of limitation or victimhood.

It is Tiger's perspective that every problematic life experience, is actually orchestrated by Life to draw you closer to a deeper truth that allows for a more authentic way of Living & Being.  He works directly with individuals via Phone, Skype, and in-person, in the role of a guide or coach that assists the awareness of You in recognizing the lessons that patiently wait to be discovered & embodied.

To be clear, his interest is in helping you to recognize that in order to be well internally, you already have everything that is needed in this very moment.  In this recognition, one can pursue a playful life without feeling as if something vital is missing, or being held captive in the imagination of tomorrow.